HUB Games is a product that aims to close the gap between digital and physical gaming by creating an experience that merges the two worlds seamlessly. 

Capture the Flag

During gameplay, tap into virtual reality to enhance your tactics. Using GPS technology, the game’s map updates in real time and tracks enemies infiltrating your territory, coordinates your team and aids you in finding the enemy’s flag. Collect perks such as invisibility or communicate with your teammates by using your phone as a walkie-talkie.  


In collaboration with Yuan Chen, Stephanie Choza and Nathan Daviss. Process PDF.


Mobile Screens

Users can create a game to start immediately, or schedule for later. Team selection is done by physically huddling up with your teammates. 

Once the area has been selected, one person in each team is selected as Captain and are responsible for "dropping" the flag somewhere on the map. Next, a countdown gives players time before the game begins.

After the game is over, a screen shows a summary of the game. 


In-game Screen

Featuring the Omnibutton— tap to use a perk, swipe up to tag a user, or hold down to speak to your team.


HUB on the Web

The website would serve as a place for players to communicate, set up future events, purchase merch and even watch live games.

Game Info

Merch Store

Game in session

Product View



We also developed a series of icons to represent each game as well as badges for achievements.


Sketches from early sessions


Refined Wireframes