In early-2015, I joined a small team with the goal of bringing to life a new concept for Yahoo Mobile Search. The idea was to develop a system focused on guiding users through their personal data.

While Google searches the public web, Yahoo Search would connect with popular services like Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive and many others— to search through your personal index. Eventually, this system would be able to provide anticipatory information based on your context and what it has learned about you.

Card System


Develop a modular card system that can display a variety of information from many different sources, based on the user's intent. 


When a user performs a query, the system determines intent by using a confidence score. Cards are then rendered based on that score in a few possible card layouts. 


For example, the query "monica wheeler" has a high confidence score (likely contact intent) and therefore the system returns a midi-sized contact card ranked in the top slot. On the other hand, a query like "monica," if the user has multiple contacts with that name, returns a multiple card layout.



Throughout the time I worked on this project, I was also responsible for designing card layouts for a number of prototypes and slide decks.