Tessellation #1, 2013

Photopolymer letterpress print inspired by M.C. Escher's work with tessellations. Produced on a Vandercook SP15 during an Independent Study at Ringling College's Letterpress and Book Arts Center.


Tessellation #2, 2013


Lil' Bub, 2013

Drypoint etching featuring internet cat Lil' Bub.


F*ART, 2013

Two-panel comic, etching.


Rule Number 1, 2013

Typographic linocut.


Pepperoni Pizza, 2013

Three-color screenprint, using screen filler, emulsion and stencil techniques. 


Monotype #1, 2013


Monotype #2, 2013


Folding (Paper), 2012

Three-color photopolymer print inspired by the word "paper." 
Produced on a Vandercook SP15.

A collaboration with Latishia Watkins and Minna Choung.


Venezuela, 2012

Study using wooden and metal type in one composition. Dedicated to my birthplace, accompanied by a song of my childhood.

Produced on a Vandercook SP15.